Collection, The

For the concert season 2021/22, projects were sought which explore the act of collecting as well as the state of a/the collection, with all historic, etymologic and possibly also personal significance.

September 26, 2021 – Elisabeth Flunger – play

A collection is an attempt to systematize the world or, on behalf of the whole, a section of the world, and to come to terms with the world through this practice. I have been collecting scrap as a musical instrument for about 25 years. In opposition to the obligation as a drummer for contemporary music to own, buy, transport and store a huge arsenal of percussion instruments with matching accessories, I have started to collect a new set of instruments that are easier to handle, take up less space, less costs and does not torment me with clichés, but always surprises me with new sounds and possibilities. The restriction to one material also met my desire for standardization and reduction.

The scrap as found, as a relic is a symbol of chance and transience. The objects are subject to a constant spatial change process: laying, leaning, spreading, piling, throwing, pushing, rolling, piling up, shaking and collapsing, arranging, shaping, pulling, shaking. Music is created as a by-product, improvisational, noisy and random.

Elisabeth Flunger – Objects

October 17, 2021 – Duo Montorfano & Arditto

Since 1997 Adriana Montorfano, flute and Cecilia Arditto, composition and objects (both originally from Argentina), work together in projects which explore the relationship between sound, image, objects, movement and architecture. All of them with a strong emphasis in music notation. The program “The attic” explores the sound quality of a collection of every day live objects: a dress, a pillow, pearls, tableware, pans, ventilators, old letters, a sewing machine, a pickup player and a mirror. All of them conform a unique a scene in counterpoint with the flute.
The contemporary flute explores a wide range of sound colors: subtle textures, spoken voice and breathing, all of them filtered by the flute tube and magnified by the acoustics of the church. 

This special collection of pieces for flute and objects, under the name “The attic“, reconstructs the identity of a woman that is gone through their belongings left behind.

Leftovers – for alto flute and objects: I. Clothing, II. Tableware, III. Pearls, IV. Letters
Música invisible#2 – for flute and a collection of small ventilators
The sewing machine – for sewing machine and sewing props.
Spiegeltjes – for flute, pickup player and a mirror: I. Cycle Spiegeltjes (WP), II. Zand, III. Snel (WP), IV. Tekening, V. Terug, (WP)

 Cecilia Arditto – composition, objects

Adriana Montorfano – flute 

November 7, 2021 – Double Solo with meeting rooms | Cooperation with Wien Modern

ATTENTION: Beginn at 21:00 !!

On this evening, the artists weave their solo programs five stones (for a.s.) and Frames of C into an evening and room-filling musical photo book. Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka dedicates her program to transience and the question of what remains. To do this, she dramaturgically expands her double bass playing by means of feeds and projections distributed throughout the room.

In his program, Thomas Berghammer deals with the interference between people and instruments, between instrumental sound and voice. He will examine the transitions and boundaries between the individual and the object in detail of the sounds and noises.

The perception is alternately guided via the surround sound to the instrument and from the instrument into the surround sound.

Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka – double bass, feed, projections

Thomas Berghammer – valve trumpet and slide trumpet, voice

March 27, 2022 – Duo Claussen / Klement

The two musicians freely use their pool of sounds, composed of field recordings, noises, vocal, instrumental and electronic sounds. Together they examine their collection for character, sound quality and possible combinations.

Martina Claussen – voice, objects, electronics

Katharina Klement – zither, objects, electronics

April 24, 2022 – Stump-Linshalm – contemplari

The contemplari program tries to unite the greatest possible diversity in the field of current music and to bring it into a common resonance through the subject of immersion. In the church you can feel the wordless invitation to be still, to pause and perhaps to get a more open perception.

Rafael Nassif – New work for two bass clarinets WP

Ulrich Drechsler – New work for two bass clarinets WP

Angelica Castello – New work for two bass clarinets WP

Petra Stump-Linshalm – bass clarinet

Heinz-Peter Linshalm – bass clarinet

June 12, 2022 – Wolfgang Seierl & Claudia Pettrich – d´un vient cela

This program for string instruments and voice is based on various musical and literary collections, some of which have been forgotten, but to a certain extent can still be traced in the present. Works by Francesco de Milano, Peter Ablinger and Gerald Resch are also fragmented and defragmented, as are texts by Dante Alighieri. Many of the sources will only briefly light up, resonate, some alienated, augmented, cut up, transformed, merged with others, remixed …

Claudia Pettrich – soprano

Wolfgang Seierl – composition, string instruments