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09. June 2019 – Martel, Normand & Schellander

The trio Martel, Normand & Schellander proposes to seize the string bass in the different forms it has taken over time—viola da gamba, double bass and electric bass—in order to reenvision its role, language and sound. From their distant roots in the 16th century to their most recent incarnations in the contemporary period, these three instruments offer a genealogical pretext for exploring new musical possibilities. Through their unorthodox playing techniques and their commitment to improvised music,Martel,Normand&Schellander will reveal the hidden facets of the bass, obliterating the clichés that would keep this family of instruments in the perennial background.

Pierre-Yves Martel, viola da gamba (Canada)

Eric Normand, electric bass, electronics (Canada)

Matija Schellander, double dass (Austria)


All concerts take place in the St.Ruprechtskirche

Ruprechtsplatz 1, 1010 Vienna

Concert start 20:00 on time