ἀνάλογος / análogos

For the concert season 2022/23, projects were sought dedicated to the topic of analogue.

análogos (greek) – according to Logos / reason.


September 25, 2022 – The Elks

The Elks are an experimental, electro-acoustic quartet from Berlin (3/4) and Vienna (1/4) founded in 2014. From the experimental music scenes of Berlin and Vienna one might expect a rather reduced and elegant sound world. But these Elks have other ideas in store, and don’t mind to get their antlers a little dirty. (Though they may still tip-toe gently on their hooves or whistle a delightful tune to mock some clueless humans.) 

Liz Allbee – Tumpet

Kai Fagaschinski – Clarinet

Billy Roisz – E-Bass, Boublebass, Eletronic

Marta Zapparoli – Tapes, Tape Machine

Noid Haberl – sound engineering


September 29,  2022 – KNUSP

ATTENTION: Begin at 21:00 (!)

With KNUSP we – the curatorial team of Neue Musik St.Ruprecht – would like to establish a new format for encounters. Once a season we invite esteemed musicians of real-time music to exchange musical ideas with us.

At this gathering, different forms of synergies are to be cultivated and cultivated: The social networking, a commitment to each other, a handing out and recognition among colleagues and fellow campaigners. But even more important, creating and experiencing together, meeting each other in an open-minded manner, paying attention and respecting one another.

We have chosen a place of gathering for this, a sacred place, a place of silence and prayer and, appropriately.

Thomas Berghammer | Trumpet

Laura Pudelek | Violoncello

Gobi Drab | Recorders

Klaus Haidl | String instruments

October 09, 2022 – Trio DEn

Analoge Realtime-Music played on real Instruments, without Electronics.

ἀνά-λογος – proportionate, reasonable, adequate
ἀνά – according to
λογος – speaking, narrative, delivered speech, reason, relation…

(Source: Gemoll)

The trio DEn is radically and spectacularly consistent with their music. Foregoes electronics in favor of his own cosmos of sound and that of his instruments.

Isabelle Duthoit – Voice/Clarinet (FRA)

Alexander J. Eberhard – Viola (AUT)

noid aka Arnold Haberl – Cello (AUT)


October 16, 2022 – AiR | Artists in Residence

Strings&Noise – Samuele Ferrari – Aleksandra Bajde

AiR is the new networking program for New Music St.Ruprecht. For each season we bring together an existing ensemble with contemporary composers to promote exchange and expand the repertoire.

For this season we were able to win the duo strings&noise, which will premiere new works by Aleksandra Bajde and Samuele Ferrari.

Sentiero (2022) – Samuele G. Ferrari (UA)

Neues Werk (2022) – Aleksandra Bajde (UA)

Gesten (2002)  – Gerald Resch

Dirty white fields (2002) – Jennifer Walshe

Letter Piece Nr 5 (2008/11) – Matthew Shlomovitz

Contre No. 1 (2016) – Kuba Krzewinski

Sophia Goidinger-Koch – Violin | Voice | Performance

Barbara Riccabona – Cello | Voice | Performance

November 06, 2022 – Microtub | Cooperation with Wien Modern

Attention: Begin 19:30 (!)

The microtonal tuba was designed “reasonably” by dividing frequencies by integers and multiplying by integers. This is in contrast to the traditional tubas and their orientation towards equal temperament, which is based on irrational numbers. Every conceivable pitch within the range of the microtonal tuba can be described by a ratio, with the numerator denoting the overtone and the denominator denoting the valve combination.

In this program, three pieces composed on this system are juxtaposed with two other pieces – ‘Andersabo’ and ‘Thin Peaks’ – in which half valve combinations are used to introduce an element of chaos. In fact, half-depressed valves change both pitch and timbre in a seemingly random manner that varies by tuba model. The unique “half-valve signature” of each of the three tubes was empirically measured using the ARTIM technology developed in Vienna, providing the basis for composing “by sense perception” rather than “according to reason” (in the sense of the philosophical traditions of empiricism and Rationalism). In contrast to the three full-valve pieces, the half-valve pieces are therefore microtonal, but not composed in the so-called “pure intonation”.

Andersabo (2020) – Robin Hayward

Pendulum for Microtub (2021) – Martin Taxt

Sonic Drift (2018) – Robin Hayward 

Star System (2012) – Robin Hayward 

Thin Peaks (2020) – Robin Hayward

Robin Hayward, microtonal F-Tuba 

Peder Simonsen, microtonal C-Tuba 

Martin Taxt, microtonal C-Tuba

March 19, 2023 – Thomas Lehn & Dieb13

Dieter Kovacic aka dieb13 and Thomas Lehn have known each other for many years, through encounters starting in Nickelsdorf in the 90s and at various festivals, and of course through friendship and neighborhood in Vienna. Together they played in larger formations, e.g. John Butcher’s “somethingtobesaid” project at the festivals hcmf, November Music and Maerzmusik as well as Ignaz Schick’s “erase & reset”; but so far it never happened that they shared the stage as a duo. The time is ripe to finally make up for it! World premiere next Sunday!

Thomas Lehn – analogue synthesizer

Dieb 13 – Turntables

April 23, 2023 – Doubleconcert – Stéphane Clor  / Werner Puntigam

On this evening, two musicians will musically explore and fathom the space of the Ruprechtskirche and make it tangible in many ways. A game with frequencies, resonances, transmutations and spatial perception. As a soloist and in an ensemble, the Logos is indulged in with a love of experimentation in his sound speech.

In his solo performances Werner Puntigam creates thrilling abstract and complex soundscapes with an extremely wide range of sounds and dynamics by exploring all known and unknown sound options on his trombone and conch shell in a pure acoustic way. An intimate, surprising and extraordinary soulful and sensual experience for the ears of attentive listeners to his “instrumental story-telling” in dialogue with the natural room acoustics of the Ruprechtskirche.

Stéphane Clor | Violoncello Piccolo

Werner Puntigam | Trombone and Conch shell


May 14, 2023 – Eichenberger & Gallio

The wind players Eichenberger and Gallio have dedicated themselves to the woodwind instrument and the simplest form of musical communication – the duo. saxophone and clarinet. Two analog instruments. An intimate, personal music, a conversation, a musing that takes place not only between the two musicians, but also in a transdisciplinary way between the audience, the space and the performers. Analog in time and space.

Based on the simplest and most unspectacular concepts, the improvisation of the duo moves. A permeable, introverted music – a meditation with nuances.



June 2, 2023 – Lange Nacht der Kirchen

Attention: Begin at 22:00 (!)


Laura Pudelek | Violoncello

Gobi Drab | Recorders

Klaus Haidl | String Instruments


June 11, 2023 – Doubleconcert – Anna Koch / Olivia De Prato

On this evening, two exceptional soloists will weave the compositions and sounds that stand for themselves into a large whole. Musical ideas and gestures are placed opposite, inside and next to each other – like an analogue gallery tour.


Anna Koch | bass clarinet

Aaron Ludwig | sound engineering

Olivia De Prato | violin