Due to the Covid19 situation, many of the projects we planned for spring 2020 had to be postponed until autumn. Since we are trying to stage all projects this autumn some concerts of the season 2019/20 on the topic “finally” will alternate with the concerts of the season 2020/21 on the topic “The complexity of simplicity”.

For a better overview, we keep our event calendar in chronological order and will mark the project affiliation for you.


For concert season 2019/20, projects were sought that are “endlich” in one or more aspects or deal with the topic of “Endlichkeit”.The end of a long wait, the impatience, finally, in the end – space and time limited by one word. The finiteness always shows itself on the edge, on the border – a place full of tension – that is, where we have to look.

[´zımple]. The complexity of simplicity

For the 2020/21 concert season, projects were sought that explore the various facets of simplicity and its inherent complications. A complex structure, whose ingenuity lies in its simplicity, is usually hidden under an undemanding and unadorned facade.

EXTERNAL – Club Wakuum, Graz

presented by New Music St.Ruprecht

June 03, 2021 – KNUSP – start 8:00 p.m.

As the first project, this ensemble stands for a new format of encounter, initiated by Neue Musik St.Ruprecht. Once a season, the team of curators invites valued musicians of real-time music to exchange musical ideas with you.

At this meeting, synergies as well as opposites are cultivated and cultivated. A musical exchange of opinions and experiences between protagonists of the contemporary art of improvisation.

Susanna Gartmayer | Bass clarinet

Margarete Mayerhofer-Lischka | double bass

Gobi Drab | Recorders

Klaus Haidl | Plucked instruments

13. June 2021 – The Acousmatic Project – simplicity

Acoustic music denotes musical-acoustic events, the sound of which is not related to their objects of origin. In the imagination of the audience, individual phantom images are created that become their own stories. In other words, the acousmatic is the hearing.

In order to make this process tangible, sound compositions are projected over many loudspeakers – a loudspeaker orchestra, the Akusmonium.

Thomas Gorbach – interpretation
Tobias Schubert – technology

July 4th 2021 – Double concert Gabrielli & Sorokina – simplicity

On this evening, two soloists merge into one organism, two programs into one story. One breath fires many sound spaces, two artists the entire church space.

Elena Gabrielli – flutes

Helena Sorokina – voice

tba April 2021 – Hedda – simplicity

The duo Hedda musically pursues three goals:
-) To play the current music of our time.
-) To cultivate the musical language of our time.
-) To maintain the format of chamber music.

The first program of this intimate line-up consists of new works by Peter Ablinger, Gunter Schneider, Susanna Gartmayer, Tamara Friebel and Hannes Dufek.

Sophia Goidinger-Koch – violin
Klaus Haidl – guitar

tba 2021 – Heilbron & Hvizdalek DOUBLE CONCERT – simplicity

The Australian-German musician Jonathan Heilbron overlays, interweaves and moves the sounds of four portable chord organs. These well aged instruments bring their individual sound and playing characteristics (microtonal fluctuations, noises, dynamic blurring) into the musical process. The sound result is simple, meditative and highly complex at the same time.

Agnes Hvizdalek is conceiving a new work for the sound space of the Ruprechtskirche. With curiosity and persistence, the voice virtuoso always moves to the limit of the inhumane and finds materials and opportunities that become good friends in the process of getting to know each other.

Each performance takes about 40 minutes, there will be a break.

Jonathan Heilbron – chord organs
Agnes Hvizdalek – composition, voice
Daniel Lercher – sound engineering

tba 2021 – The Space Between Us – simplicity

This musical duo is an intimate, intense look between two contrasting characters. By listening to the contrasting tones and tendencies of our individual instruments, we create the space between us. In the circulation of our sound we find common tones and construct our music from this common resonance and silence. This music is our constant private conversation. As with all good conversations, the spirit of our spontaneous co-compositions is simple and honest, while the space for exploration and expression is ripe for complexity.

The unexpected combination of baritone saxophone and viola d’amore with contrasting idiomatic timbres and tendencies offers fascinating material for creative debates and surprising agreement.

Jennifer Thiessen – Viola d’amore
Ida Toninato – baritone saxophone