familiar things

For concert season 2018/19, projects were sought that are “familiar” in one or more aspects or deal with the topic of “family”. The family is a space of familiarity and closeness, kinship and similarity, the recognition of one’s own in the other. In her the values of one’s own culture, one’s own style and one’s own manners are lived. But familiarity also breeds contempt. In the family, small gestures can quickly lead to big escalations, and that too one has to cultivate.
The curatorial team of the Neue Musik St.Ruprecht has in particular summarized projects that reflect the family in their instrumentation or cast.



31. March 2019 – Streichtrio Kimmig-Studer-Zimmerlin

In classical music, string trios are among the most common chamber music ensembles. In jazz, on the other hand, they are a rarity. In this respect, the freely improvising trio Kimmig-Studer-Zimmerlin is already unusual due to the untypical instrumentation – violin, violoncello and double bass. The Swiss-German formation string trio improvises on the basis of long-term cooperation and familiarity and develops multifaceted soundscapes, structures and forms.

Harald Kimmig: Violin

Alfred Zimmerlin: Violoncello

Daniel Studer: double bass




28. April 2019 – Michael Bruckner / SOUNDCURTAIN II

Ritual for 32 pots and water

The enamel pots hang in rows – ancestral rows – family tree.

Enamel pots stand for tradition and family life alike as for alchemical processes.

Culture and nature – man carries both in himself and both want to be lived. The physical and the bodyless, the visible and the invisible, the near and distant, the relationship with the parents and the relationship with our ancestors.

Water, as the starting point of life known to us, has always carried magical qualities. By dedicating and concentrating on the element to the superimposed, rhythmic and melodic structures created with it, access to Trance-Experience becomes possible.

The SoundCURTAIN can stand both as a picture for the separation of two worlds, or be the gate that allows meeting …




12. May 2019 – LindsayCooperQuartett / Patchworkfamily

Patchwork family: a family in which children from different parents (from current or previous relationships) live.

In the same way, different genres of the music world form together a large whole, as does the Lindsay Cooper Quartett. The four musicians play the same instrument, but encounter very different family (music) stories. As with any patchwork family, the most important moments and decisions take place in the improvisation.

Christof Dienz: (prepared) bassoon, toy

Benedikt Dinkhauser: (prepared) bassoon

Lorelei Dowling: (prepared) bassoon, Contraforte

Maria Gstättner: (prepared) bassoon, voice, toy

Lindsay Cooper Quartett



09. June 2019 – Martel, Normand & Schellander

The trio Martel, Normand & Schellander proposes to seize the string bass in the different forms it has taken over time—viola da gamba, double bass and electric bass—in order to reenvision its role, language and sound. From their distant roots in the 16th century to their most recent incarnations in the contemporary period, these three instruments offer a genealogical pretext for exploring new musical possibilities. Through their unorthodox playing techniques and their commitment to improvised music,Martel,Normand&Schellander will reveal the hidden facets of the bass, obliterating the clichés that would keep this family of instruments in the perennial background. 

Pierre-Yves Martel, viola da gamba (Canada)

Eric Normand, electric bass, electronics (Canada) 

Matija Schellander, double dass (Austria) 


Past Concerts:

16. September 2018 – Andreas Trobollowitsch / Santa Melodica Ensemble

The ‘Santa Melodica Ensemble’ is a sound performance for five performers, twenty melodicas, cable tubes and balloons.

While playing, each performer swings their instrument at a certain speed. Together they create an arpeggio effect,that constantly changes due shifts in speed, turning the performers into a continually transforming kinetic organism

Santa Melodica Ensemble – Video

Andreas Trobollowitsch



07. October 2018 – eXtracello

– silence –

An evening between improvisation and composition, referring to the special atmosphere of the church.
Music of silence from different musical eras is combined with free improvisation, creating a musical flow from which the compositions emerge and disappear again. This evening wants to create a mood that invites the listeners to stop.

Austria’s only cello quartet has thrilled the European music scene since its founding in 2004. At each concert, the musicians face the challenge of outgrowing stylistic, chamber-musical and technical boundaries, thereby becoming a unique sound-body themselves.

For the concert series of the New Music St.Ruprecht eXtracello composed and conceived a new, evening-filling work especially for the church space St.Ruprecht.

Duration: about 80 minutes without a break

Edda Breit, Gudula Urban, Melissa Coleman, Margarethe Deppe – Violoncello




11. November 2018 – mdw / Impro

For many years, the mdw’s center for improvisation and new music has been a hotbed, meeting place, springboard and basis for new music in Austria. This center is a sheltered place for young artists to try and profile themselves, it is laying the foundations for many projects and ensembles – in the family.

We have invited the center to create an evening for the New Music St.Ruprecht, a family reunion.

Diana Lind-Hannappi – Flute / Milena Schmidt – Violin / Antonia Lisa Winkelmayr – Piano

Adele Thoma – Piano / Benedek Gaspar – Saxophon (Alt) / Thomas Grimm – Bassoon / Peter Mallinger – Clarinette