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September 26, 2021 – Elisabeth Flunger – play

A collection is an attempt to systematize the world or, on behalf of the whole, a section of the world, and to come to terms with the world through this practice. I have been collecting scrap as a musical instrument for about 25 years. In opposition to the obligation as a drummer for contemporary music to own, buy, transport and store a huge arsenal of percussion instruments with matching accessories, I have started to collect a new set of instruments that are easier to handle, take up less space, less costs and does not torment me with clichés, but always surprises me with new sounds and possibilities. The restriction to one material also met my desire for standardization and reduction.

The scrap as found, as a relic is a symbol of chance and transience. The objects are subject to a constant spatial change process: laying, leaning, spreading, piling, throwing, pushing, rolling, piling up, shaking and collapsing, arranging, shaping, pulling, shaking. Music is created as a by-product, improvisational, noisy and random.

Elisabeth Flunger – Objects


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