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24. October 2020 – Doña Sebastiana_for V / Angelica Castello & Jérôme Noetinger – endlich.

Start 23:55

St. Vitalis has been a faithful companion during very important years of my life, when I founded the series for contemporary Music in St.Ruprecht and supervised it for over 13 years, he was always there, in some cases he was also involved in the music or productions. A good old friend.

Santa Muerte (“holy death”), also La Santísima Muerte (“the most holy death”); Doña Sebastiana, is a female figure who is especially called to love, happiness, protection, health or the recovery of lost things, especially in Central and Latin America. La Santa Muerte is mainly called in Mexico, Cuba and in US cities with a high proportion of Latin American, mainly Mexican -born inhabitants. Their followers are made up of members of all walks of life, but are traditionally found in the criminal milieu.

This evening is dedicated to Saint Vitalis … and to all the other dead. The flutes hiss and engulf the tapes of the tape recorder, field recordings of old vanished voices, funerals, and ghost brass bands embrace the room and the sounds want to invite Vitalis to dance a dead (sweet) dance with Doña Sebastiana.

Angélica Castelló – Paetzold, tapes, radios, electronics, häkeln, Installation
Jérôme Noetinger – Revox, radio, tapes, electronics


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